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  • Surf the Web! - With our service, web sites load in a flash! No more waiting for pages to load while you go get coffee!
  • Learn! - High Speed Internet is a must to remain competitive in school and work! There is an entire world out there to discover and explore. Get the ability to research any topic in the world, right from your living room. Help your family stay on top in a competitive world! You can bet that the top students and professionals today use the internet as a research and learning tool.
  • Send and receive photos & email! - Get those photos of the grandkids or your sister in Tahiti; send email across the street or across the ocean!
  • Play! - Would you like to play bridge with your aunt in New Mexico, or poker with the boys from the Club? It's easy with CIT!
  • Download! - Music, books, audio books, movies, or last night's episode of Lost! It's all easy!
  • Work! - Have the ability to work from home! CIT is compatible with all VPN connections to allow you to connect securely to your workplace.
  • Communicate! - Communicating across the state or across the world has never been easier!

At CIT, we understand that your internet connection is important to you. Where the internet used to be just a form of entertainment, for many of us it has become a necessity for our jobs, education, hobbies and communications.

We continually strive to bring you the best in performance and customer support. We are a proud Texas company and we do not outsource any of our functions to any other countries. We support Texas!

"Is it fast?" - You bet it is. Our network provides speeds of up to 6.0 Mbps download and 768kbps Mbps upload.

What are you waiting for? Explore our website, and see what CIT Broadband has to offer.

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Client Spotlight

"We had been satisfied CIT Broadband wireless clients for some time prior to moving. When we moved to our new house we had planned to move to CIT's DSL System. Through a communications mix-up we ended up ordering DSL from at&t. We had to install software on our computer to "log in" to their DSL System. After several very frustrating calls with at&t, the DSL still didn't work. The techs from at&t claimed it was a problem with our computer. We finally canceled our at&t DSL and called CIT to see if they could help. CIT came and installed the DSL, (at&t sent a box of stuff and some instructions) tested the DSL and made sure our computers were online, and we haven't had any trouble since. It's always on, always reliable, and always fast. If you want a phone, call at&t, if you want fast reliable internet with great customer service, call CIT."

Ed Schairbaum
Aledo, Texas